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I decided when I retired in 1999 to replace all the mass-produced ornaments we had in the house with genuine craftsman made objects.  We already had quite a number of artist prints and some paintings, but I became interested in studio ceramics and started going to ceramic fairs around Britain to find and buy interesting objects. Later, I discovered Japanese pottery on-line and started buying pieces with the help of Brian Nolan, owner of I visited Japan several times in the first twelve years of the 21st century and purchased some of the sake cups and tea bowls which make up the bulk of my collection

The web site is easy to navigate.  Each genre has a separate section accessible from this home page and, for most genres there is an alphabetic artist index, every page of which has a link back to this page.  Where an artist is represented by only one work, the name index takes you straight to it, but if there is more than one work in my collection these appear on an artist page with links to the individual works.

On the Japanese pottery pages, there may be errors in the names of the artists.  Some of the sites I buy from contain no English and when I come across a new artist I can only hope to search the name in kanji and find the name in romaji! Where I buy from a site with names in romaji only the task is even harder!